Trumpet Case Recommendations.

I don’t know if anybody’s even reading this site these days but, if so, I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good trumpet cases?

It seems that I’ll be doing even more transatlantic travelling in the next few months and, with the new carry-on baggage restrictions now in force since the recent terror alert in the UK, I’ll likely have to check-in my Trumpet. Following my recent woes in this area, you may understand that I’m not too keen. Therefore, I’m looking for a really good hard-case that will protect my instruments in the airline hold.

I’ve checked out a couple of options on the internet, including Fanfare Caseworks. Does anyone have one of these cases or even have seen one close up? Also, any other recommendations or suggestions are welcome.

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4 Responses to Trumpet Case Recommendations.

  1. Steve Pastore says:

    I think you can safely check Torpedo Trumpet Case. They are beautiful leaather and shaped like a torpedo –cyndrical. You can actually run over one with a SUV and the trumpet inside is fine. They are made of wonderful leather, and come in double and triple trumpet sizes (i.,e., holds Bflat, C and Soprano trumpet)

    News Flash::::: Just last week, I believe, the musicians have won a rond on being able to bring their instruments and cases on board. What this means is that for today, you don’t have to check your baby, or buy anything. Instead, you might conside a soft, but well-padded Glenne Cronklte Gig Bag (from California) that you sling over your back like a bow and arrrow quiver. These protect faily well and are sort of light weight –compared to lugging a trumpet case around, and idea for first calss trael. The Torpedo bag — too — can be strapped over your shoulder, but are sort of bulky, and far too heavy to carry around everywhere you go, all day and night, unlike the lightweight, gig bag. Reunion Blues used to make the same bag as the Glenn Cronkuite bag, but I think a divorce broke the company in two.
    I would guess that right now you can check a Torpedo bag, or carry on a soft and comfortable gig bag.
    Wearing the gig bag is a real fashion plus…university proffessors choice … until the sun goes down and you a walking alone in the wrong neighborhood, and you suddly morp into a series of glow-in-the dark concentric red and white circles. Me, I take to cabs and stay in 4 star hotels now, unlike my early days. Or I leave my good stuff home, and travel very light, with a mouthpiece and mabe a brep and worry more about my 5 year old.

  2. TrumpetBoy says:

    As it happens I just picked up a cheap 2nd-hand Torpedo case from a friend. That’ll do well for the first bit of tour. I suspect thereafter I’ll probably order a Wiseman Trumpet+Flugel Case. They’re expensive but seem very good.

  3. Steve Pastore says:

    The Wiseman is very nice. Around 600 dollars for the double – triple I think. A little heavy and bulkier, but pretty good if you have to have more than one instument, I guess.

    Do you help trumpet players build webs sites? What is involved?

  4. Steve Pastore says:

    Well, I guess my advise and your purchase was really bad. You MISSED the chance to be on the front page of the NY Times earlier this week. Seems a French policeman broke a Russian Trumpet Player’s arm, because he would not let go of his instrument and let his bag be checked onto the baggage hold. Didn’t go along with the cryogeneics Brass Spa freezing your horn thing, I guess. If you hadn’t bought the Wiseman, it could have been you,basking in priceless publicity! :)